Universal Deployer for 1U-3U nanosatellites

S. D. Zaretskiy
E. V. Kosmodemyanskii
A. M. Romanov
M. G. Trusov
V. V. Yudintsev
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тезисы конференции
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Издательство, журнал, сборник.: 
Proceedings of 1st Latin American IAA CubeSat WorkShop (08-11 December 2014)
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This paper deals with a new universal deployer developed by JSC SRC Progress for launching CubeSats. Design features of a deployer are presented that ensure high reliability and make it possible to launch 1U-3U+ nanosatellites at a specified velocity and with minimal angular disturbances. The deployer can be used as a piggyback payload of Soyuz launch vehicles, the Volga Upper Stage, and spacecraft developed by JSC SRC Progress. This system will make it possible to reduce costs for adaptation of nanosatellites to launch systems manufactured by JSC RSC Progress and to use the most reliable Soyuz launch vehicle, which will blaze the trail into space for young scientists and engineers as it did 57 years ago.