Behavior of Axial Dual-spin Spacecraft

Vladimir Aslanov
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Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering 2011 Vol I, WCE 2011, July 6-8, 2011, London, U.K. [ISBN:978-988-18210-6-5, ISSN: 2078-0958 (Print); ISSN: 2078-0966
13 - 18
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This paper presents the study of behavior of the axial dual-spin spacecraft. The spacecraft is composed of two rigid bodies: an asymmetric platform and an axisymmetric rotor aligned with the platform principal axis. Such aircraft is often called gyrostat. The paper discusses three types of gyrostats: oblate, prolate and intermediate. The rotor can rotate freely relative of the platform and an internal angular momentum is equal to zero. We consider the dynamics of gyrostats in the absence of external torque. The dynamics is described by ordinary differential equations in the Andoyer-Deprit canonical variables. The stationary solutions are found and studied their stability. Also we obtain general exact analytical solutions in terms of elliptic functions. These results can be interpreted as the development of the classical Euler case for a solid, when added to one degree of freedom - the relative rotation of bodies. Results of the study can be useful for the analysis of dynamics of dual-spin spacecrafts and for studying the chaotic behavior of the spacecrafts.

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